Cool Delicious Ice Cream images

By | June 24, 2018

Some cool delicious ice cream images:

Image from page 166 of “Gala-day luncheons;” (1901)
delicious ice cream
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Identifier: galadayluncheons01bent
Title: Gala-day luncheons;
Year: 1901 (1900s)
Authors: Benton, Caroline French
Subjects: Luncheons Cookery, American cbk
Publisher: New York, Dodd, Mead and company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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Text Appearing Before Image:
s to per-ceptibly affect the atmosphere of theroom, and the combination of the ice andferns is a pretty one. A few days beforethe luncheon some ferns may be pressed,and these may be laid on the table if it isso large as to admit of more decoration; 149 Gala-Day Luncheons the cards may also have a little fernpasted on each. An appetismg menu might be: — MENU Iced Peaches. Cream of Corn Soup. Filets of Flounder. Sauce Tartare. Clams a la Newburgh. Chops. Stuffed Tomatoes. Iced Tea. Ked Easpberry Sherbet. Almond Aspic Salad. Brown Bread and Butter. Ice Cream in Melons. The peaches are not to be frozen, butkept on the ice after they are halved,peeled, and sprinkled with sugar, untilthey are thoroughly chilled. They mayhave a small spoonful of whipped creamserved with them, if that combination isliked. The clams are prepared exactlyas is lobster, except that they must bekept for a little longer in the sauce inorder to just cook them through. Theyare to be served in ramekins. The toma-150

Text Appearing After Image:
Gala-Day Luncheons toes are to have the inside removed with-out breaking the skin, and this is mixedwith bread crumbs and seasoning, re-turned to the tomatoes, and baked. The salad is made by filling small indi-vidual moulds with almonds and bouillonjelly made of melted extract of beef, sea-soning, and dissolved gelatine; the nutsshould be cut into strips and arranged ina pattern with a little of the aspic beforethe moulds are filled. A stiff mayonnaiseis to be served with this. The ice cream is particularly delicious,though it seems very odd to one who isnot familiar with it. A very rich creamis made with the yolks of five eggs addedto a quart of cream, and when done it isput in large spoonfuls in halved, small,and spicy muskmelons. The two eatentogether are a decided improvement oneither alone. There is really no reason for havingsherbet with such a menu as this, fortwo cold dishes are already on the bill of153 Gala-Day Luncheons fare, but if the day is extremely warm, itmay be thou

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Vanilla Cake
delicious ice cream
Image by mynameisharsha
The cake is not a lie! 🙂

cake alaska
delicious ice cream
Image by manitoon
I make and ate this last night 🙂

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