Nice Delicious Ice Cream photos

By | April 13, 2018

Some cool delicious ice cream images:

Flickring at Fate
delicious ice cream
Image by cobalt123
This image is from a trendy restaurant in downtown Phoenix, late last night. I went out for a short break to see what I could find to photograph while waiting for the delicious entrees to arrive at our table. This is shot into a large mirror above the fireplace, in very low light. Blurvision for sure, but a good capture of the ambiance there.

Fate has a link here and this is from the review:
"An art house with Far East flair turns Asian cuisine into an insomniac’s dream.

Editorial Rating: Highly Recommended
The Scene
Though surrounded by murky streets, this culinary diamond in the rough section of town is a mecca for a variety of culture junkies craving entertainment and delectable fare. The lively, downtown art-house crowd clusters in a dining room awash in dim blue light and Asian art while the relaxed patio atmosphere sustains post-1am club-hoppers.

The Food
Chef Johnny Chu puts a progressive face on his native Hong Kong with Pan-Asian masterpieces. Basil accentuates crunchy vegetarian spring rolls while fragile silver noodles put a fresh spin on familiar pad thai. All entrees are served with beef, chicken, shrimp, or crispy fried tofu triangles, but the Cantonese Black Dragon’s light and flavorful bean sauce is particularly scrumptious when accompanied by plump, tender shrimp. Daring appetites will relish the House Dynamite, infusing juicy chicken breast with a coupling of tart pineapple and heated chiles. To refresh the palate, try the traditional Japanese ice cream."

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