Red Bean Cupcake

By | August 3, 2018

A few nice delicious ice cream images I found:

Red Bean Cupcake
delicious ice cream
Image by QuintanaRoo
I’m obsessed with this cupcake. Last night a friend, upon taking a bite of it said, "are you for real?" I knew exactly what she meant. This is an unearthly cupcake. I’m not sure how it would fare with unadventurous Western palates, but my friends are "good eaters" (for which I love them) and I cut my sweet teeth on red bean ice cream (Captain Bean bars!!) and ABC, a Malay dessert that defies logic and involves corn and green noodles, seriously. So, basically, I’m in love with this cupcake.

They’re vanilla vegan cupcakes filled with homemade red bean paste and topped with a tofutti, mangosteen, dried pineapple frosting and toasted salted black and white sesame seeds. The mangosteen was a particular joy for me. It’s a fruit I’ve never seen outside of Malaysia and it’s really quite delicious. I found dehydrated mangosteen at Trader Joe’s and though I knew it wouldn’t be able to compare to the real thing I got it anyway. It was very strange in its texture, I guess as dehydrated things are wont to, but it had a mangosteen-reminiscence to it. I ground it into a powder and mixed it into the frosting, which gave it an extra dimension that was really key. Loved it.

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